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Friday, November 6th, 2021 and 2022 attended a field trip to the Greeley Police and Fire Departments.  It was awesome! Students toured the police station, including the holding cells.  They got to get into police cruisers and look at the motorcycles.  We did latent fingerprinting (dusting for prints) and fingerprinting with ink.  They shared the SWAT gear and weapons with us, as well as letting us get into the SWAT vehicle.  We also saw the bomb diffusing robot and the drug dog.  The dog sniffed out the drugs and also turned his trainer into a human dog toy.  At the fire station, we toured the facility and learned about what it takes to be a firefighter.  We did an agility test and toured both the ladder and engine trucks.  Some students are considering careers in either law enforcement or firefighting as a result of this field trip.


Field Trip


Congrats to our Bella athletics for putting in 100% each day and finishing tough seasons.

2020 Volleyball Stats:


Home Games:

Heath 9/9- Loss

Brentwood 9/10 – Win

Prairie Heights 9/16-Loss

Franklin 10/7-Loss

Winograd 10/8-Loss


Away Games:

Franklin 9/17- Win

Winograd 9/23-Loss

Heath 9/29- Loss

Brentwood 9/30- Win
Prairie Heights 10/1- Loss


2020 Football – final record 2-4. Finished 4th place


2021 Football – final record 5-1.  Super Bowl Champions


2022 Football – final record 5-2.  Finished 2nd place


"On Friday, October 9th Bella Romero had our annual Lobo Day. Lobo Day was a fun filled day with many stations from our specials classes : Art, PE, Computers, and Music. Some stations consisted of Cardboard City, Kerplunk, Freeze Dance, and Flag Tag. During this day kindergarten through 5th grade (classes 2028 - 2023) participated in the stations as the class of 2020 ran them. Lobo day was a great day of fun for everyone and a great opportunity to have our two campuses united." -Brianna H., class of 2020 
"I love that Bella Romero has flag football teams." - Autumn, Mrs. Hogness class of 2023
"I enjoy Bella's family because they have great respect to the children and they try everything to help us learn. I love it here and I always will." - Kowsar, Mrs. Anderson class of 2024
"The family is always here for you." - Izaiah, Mrs. Anderson class of 2024
"I enjoy being here because there are great teachers." - Dayli, Mrs. Anderson class of 2024 


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