Welcome to Mr.Roberts webpage.

Grades: K-6
Phone: 348 - 2169
My name is Henry Roberts.  I graduated from UNC in 1974.  I have a B.A. in Psychoogy and Special Education and a Minor in Music.  I had a scholarship in Voice and Piano and decided to minor because I didn't want to graduate in five years instead of four, especially since I was majoring in Piano and Voice.  I have a Masters in teaching At Risk Students.
I have been teaching for 38 years. I taught music, drama, and special education for twenty years at Eaton Colorado.  Then I taught drama and special education for four years at the Middle School.  I then went to New Mexico and taught at Mescelera Apache Reservation for four years starting a High School program in Special Education.  Finally, I came back to Greeley to teach at Platte Valley Correction Facility for Juveniles for eleven years where I taught Reading, Math and I had two Choirs that performed for Christmas and the GED ceremonies there. 
I am excied about working at Monfort.  I have been here for four years.  I have loved teaching because it is wonderful to see the students faces light up when they have accomplished something.  Working with all levels of students is a joy, but I have really enjoyed Elementary because they are so full of questions and wanting to learn more.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our music program.