Name:Steve Swenson
Classes Taught: Earth Systems Science-6th grade; 6th grade Math Essentials; 6th grade Math; Advanced 6th grade Math
Steve Swenson
 Welcome to the fascinating world of science!!
Earth Systems Science is a new class (formerly Earth Science) where we will study five units:
Unit 1 Matter (atoms and molecules and interactions)
Unit 2 Hydrology (all about water)
Unit 3 Earth Dynamics (how the earth changes)
Unit 4 Natural Resources (minerals, fuels, renewable and nonrenewable resources)
Unit 5 Energy and Ecosystems (energy sources, life in various ecosystems)
Welcome to the real world of solving problems with numbers!
Math Essentials will fill in student gaps in their math learning.
6th grade Math will concentrate on fractions, decimals, and percentages along with order of operations.
Advanced 6th grade Math is a quick review of critical 6th grade concepts and then 7th grade math concepts including ratios, unit costs, conversions, etc..