Name:Steve Swenson
Classes Taught: Earth Systems Science-6th grade; 6th grade Math Essentials; Science Investigations
Steve Swenson
 Welcome to the fascinating world of science!! We will be learning how to solve problems, make choices and think about what we are learning and how what we learns affects our lives.
Earth Systems Science is a new class (formerly Earth Science) where we will study five units:
Unit 1 Soils (and scientific method)
Unit 2 Rocks and Minerals
Unit 3 Erosion and Deposition
Unit 4 Plate Tectonics
Unit 5 Weather and Atmosphere (and climate)
Unit 6 Earth in space and Exploring Space 
Math Essentials will fill in student gaps in their math learning. We are currently in Unit Fractions
Science Investigations will explore problem solving in science and projects related to science (inside and outside at BMS)