Mrs. Cisneros Welcomes You to the Classroom via our Website

Grade:  Kindergarten
Phone:  970-348-1340
Mrs. Cisneros
Always something new to learn or do even after 20 years of teaching.  The best thing in life is spending time with my adult children although I the best mode of getting there is via any airline offering the best rates.  This summer if climbed the sand dunes at Sand Dunes National Park - I had tried two other times over the past years - hence the saying, 'third time's a charm'.  The rest of the summer was about gardening (actually, trying to stay ahead of the weeds), cleaning gutters, downsizing closets (harder than gardening), washing walls, reading David Baldacci novels, and resizing quilt patterns to fit what I was making (math skills were quite handy right after the guessing method didn't work).  Not to mention working on learning a new reading program for this year.