Welcome to Mindi Eilers's Classroom Website

Grade:Kindergarten-Fifth grade music   
Music is all around us!
   Welcome to music!  My name is Mindi Eilers and I have been the music specialist and choir director at Dos Rios for 9 years.  I love teaching music and helping kids discover that music can be a lot of fun.  We sing songs and play basic instruments like recorders, boomwhackers and sometimes, even TRASH CANS!  In music class, we listen to many different types of music and learn how to read music.  Music and literacy work together, so we often use stories and poetry to help us be excellent musicians. 
   The Dos Rios Buffalo Choir is FREE and open to all Dos Rios students.  We meet every Tuesday and every Thursday after school until 4:30.  My goal for the Buffalo Choir is building a family of students that works together to make great music.  I am always amazed by the choir students who spend extra time every week to create outstanding concerts for our families and friends.  Our first concert, "Snow Biz" will be on December 8th!  Come join us and get your holidays off to a great start!