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 Did you know GAP now offers a GED program? If you are between 17-20 years of age and are interested in FREE GED preparation classes and FREE GED testing, come see us TODAY!

A different kind of school.  GAP is a program - not a regular school.  What does that mean? 
  • Think of GAP as your place of work; or your job.  Like any place of employment, you have to do certain things to keep your position. 
  • GAP always has a waiting list; that means there is always someone who wants your position. 
  • Think of teachers as supervisors.  They are here to help you graduate, and they are here to evaluate your work. 
  • Think of yourself as a worker, as one with a job to perform.  Work and attendance are required at GAP just like any job.
  • Think of your diploma as $1,000,000, yes, that's one million dollars.  That's about what it's worth; going through life without one will cost you a million dollars in lost wages. 
  • Our goal at GAP is to one day hand you that million dollar diploma.
Help us help you.