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  • For the week of 12/2-12/5these are the students who had perfect attendance:
    Shift 1
    Tylor Bantin Johnson
    Shift 2
    Freeman Vosburg
    Shift 3
    Heather Bay
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  • GAP 2013-2014 Student Handbook
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    Congratulations to our most recent graduates of 2013-14! 

    We are happy to announce that our 1st semester ended with a list of 28 students who graduated on January 24th, 2014.  CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM! 
    Belia Aguirre
    Luis Alvidrez Romero
    Tinesha Archuleta
    Aliyah Autobee
    Ricardo Avina
    Angela Barrera
    Heather Bay
    Christopher Bellar
    Mario Carrasco
    Christian Corral
    Travis Craven
    Maritza Fraire
    Arnulfo Garcia Ortega
    Andre Hernandez
    Roxanne Jaramillo
    Tiffany Jimenez
    Cristian Lopez
    Juana Mercado
    Alyssa Romero
    Victoria Ruth
    Marisa Snell Rodriguez
    Laura Soto
    Eli Sruoginis
    Alexis Velasquez
    Kyle Wood
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  • Student of the Week

    Congrats to the following students for being voted students of the week for the month of January:
    Jan. 6th-9th - MARIO CARRASCO
    Jan. 13th -17th - GUILLERMO MENDOZA
    Jan. 20th - 23rd- CECILIA ESTRADA
    Jan. 27th-30th - SHILOAH MCCRACKIN
    Enjoy your free pizza from Blackjack!
     Congrats also to Mariah Toler, Destiny Jordan, Tod Willis, Dakota Basurto, Adrianna Palacios, Shane Gomez, Elijah Sepeda, Emily Wagoner and Kandi Olivas for honorable mention!
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Gap Gator

A different kind of school.  GAP is a program - not a regular school.  What does that mean? 
  • Think of GAP as your place of work; or your job.  Like any place of employment, you have to do certain things to keep your position. 
  • GAP always has a waiting list; that means there is always someone who wants your position. 
  • Think of teachers as supervisors.  They are here to help you graduate, and they are here to evaluate your work. 
  • Think of yourself as a worker, as one with a job to perform.  Work and attendance are required at GAP just like any job.
  • Think of your diploma as $1,000,000, yes, that's one million dollars.  That's about what it's worth; going through life without one will cost you a million dollars in lost wages. 
  • Our goal at GAP is to one day hand you that million dollar diploma.
Help us help you.


Note from your Counselor:
If you are planning on graduating soon, you should make an appointment to see Jeff ASAP – he will help you with your financial aid and college applications.   Jeff is available Mondays and Wednesdays and his direct line is 348-4946. 











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