International Baccalaureate (IB)

 Joining the IB MYP Program at West?  

 First, what is an IB Learner and what is IB?

IB Learner Profile

Interested in how your child can be a part of this programme?

Please plan on attending a meeting on Wednesday, October 19th from 5pm-6pm in the Greeley West High School Choir Room (room 100).  This meeting is for all 8th graders interested in applying be in the IB program next school year and their parents/guardians. 
Additional informational meetings will be held November 15th and December 8th at 7pm GWHS Library.  
                                                         IB World
GWHS IB Mission Statement: 
“Our mission is to empower students to celebrate inquiry, knowledge and active learning, shaping a responsible and caring community and world.”
IB Mission and Philosophy
At the centre of an international Baccalaureate (IB) education are students aged 3 to 19 with unique learning styles, strengths and challenges. The IB focuses on each student as a whole person. Thus, IB programmes address not only cognitive development but social, emotional and physical well-being. The aim is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people with adaptable skills to tackle society's complex challenges and who will help to make it a better, more peaceful world. 

Validating the efficacy of IB's four programmes are research and more than 45 years of practical experience. IB programmes emphasize learning how to learn and teaching students to value learning as an essential, integral part of their everyday lives.

IB promotes the development of schools that:
  • inspire students to ask questions, pursue personal aspirations, set challenging goals and develop the persistence to achieve those goals
  • develop knowledgeable students who make reasoned ethical judgments and acquire the flexibility, perseverance and confidence they need in order to bring about meaningful change
  • encourage healthy relationships, individual and shared responsibility and effective teamwork
 Connecting IB to the Core  Core
**Adapted from the International Baccalaureate Parent Pack
                        Marie Beach  
        IB Program Coordinator                     
                                                         Zachary Armstrong
                                                                Armstrong Pic  
                                                    MYP Chancellor (Lead Teacher)
      Yvette Mari Finger                              Kim Fisher                        Beth Dent                                 Loni Harris 
    IB Program Secretary                     DP CAS Supervisor               DP EE Supervisor           MYP Personal Project Supervisor   
International Baccalaureate Parent Organization 
      IBPO President - Pepper Mueller           
IBPO News and Information
                                                            IBPO Schedule of Meetings: 

                                               Monday, September 12th
                                                              Monday, October 3rd
                                                              Monday, November 7th 
                                                              Monday, January 9th 
                                                              Monday,February 6th 
                                                              Monday, March 6th 
                                         Monday, April 3rd, Mandatory for ALL parents 9-12
                                                              Monday, May 1st. 
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