Farm to School Program

The Farm to School bid process for school year 2015-2016 has begun.

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The Farm to School Program is a national movement that connects schools and local farms with the objectives of: serving healthy meals in school cafeterias; providing agricultural, health and nutrition education opportunities, and supporting local and regional farmers.

Within Weld County School District 6 (WCSD6), the Farm to School Program has grown immensely from the time when it began in 2007. Since then, the WCSD6 Nutrition Services Department has focused on the following goals:

  • Continuously expanding local produce offerings during lunch,
  • Incorporating local produce into the school breakfast programs, fts
  • Maximizing the amount of local produce offered for Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program sites,
  • Partnering with other Northern Colorado school districts to develop efficient and effective systems to work with

            local producers,

  • Ensuring that milk offerings come from local farms,
  • Exploring opportunities related to purchasing local beef,
  • Expanding school garden programs,
  • Marketing and advertising Farmer in the Classroom presentations, and
  • Collaborating with the Colorado Farm to School organization to gain knowledge, share successes and encourage the
    program to grow state-wide.
Most recently, WCSD6 Nutrition Services was awarded a grant from the USDA which will be utilized to develop and implement a Food Hub concept. This Food Hub will be focused on aggregating as much local produce as possible during the Colorado harvest months. The produce will then be (1) utilized immediately, or (2) washed, chopped, blanched and frozen for later use throughout the school year. This concept will allow for maximum utilization of Colorado produce throughout the school year. In future years, this Food Hub will continue to grow and gain the ability to support neighboring school districts and possibly other food service organizations (e.g. food banks, healthcare facilities, etc.).

For the 2014-2015 school year, we are proud to be working with the farmers listed below. Feel free to visit their websites to learn more about them!
       See where Wacky Apples come from by clicking  HERE 
To incorporate more local produce into your lifestyle, be sure to visit The Greeley Farmer's Market. For more information related to Farmer's Markets accross the state, visit the Colorado Farmer's Market website.