The District 6 Student Field Opportunity Program provides high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to explore a range of career options. By working with professionals in a field of their interest students will gain firsthand experience in the career that they plan to pursue after graduation. The opportunity to learn more about a specific career through direct involvement gives the student a better perspective when choos­ing and preparing for their own career path.


District 6 is partnering with local businesses throughout the Greeley community to provide these hands-on learning experiences. As the list of active business participants continues to grow more doors for student opportunity will be opened in a variety of career and industry areas. This coupling of onsite learning mixed with classroom experiences enables students to have a richer and stronger basis upon which to plan their post-secondary future.  Other benefits include the opportunity to meet and work with professionals, enhance their resume and professional qualifications, and apply the knowledge they have received in class regarding their preferred career field. 


Students in District 6 will have the opportunity to participate in the Field Opportunities Program through:


Internships are on-the-job training experiences that provide opportunities for students to determine if they have an interest in a particular career and to gain experience in that career.


Job shadowing involves a student spending the day with a professional in a particular career field to experience its day-to-day operations and duties.



Job Shadow


Number of Hours



Time Frame

1 day or 2 half days

10-15 weeks in 1 semester

Academic Credit


.25 credit (37-74 hours) 

.50 credit (75+ hours)



Final Project




Students participating in the District 6 Field Opportunity Program will receive tremendous support from a variety of sources:


Ø  Parents are involved from the very beginning. In order for students to proceed through the application and placement process parents are made aware of the details and specifications for participation.  Parents are invited to attend information sessions and ask questions as needed.

Ø  Local business sponsors provide onsite experiences in a variety of career areas with the focus on student learning first and foremost at their place of business.  Sponsors understand and appreciate that this is a learning experience for the student.

Ø  Building administrators, counselors, and teachers all provide support and guidance to the students as they assist in the completion of application materials and answer questions that the students may have regarding day-to-day details and scheduling.

Students who choose to participate in the District 6 Field Opportunity Program will always have the support they need to assist them in their decisions, answer questions as they arise, and provide the guidance that is needed from the very start through the completion of their internship or job shadowing experience.


The following businesses have indicated an interest in providing internships and job shadowing opportunities for students.


Garden Square Assisted Living

Donald Thorne (Dentistry)

American Cancer Society

SeeLife Vision



Clear Channel

Mirage Productions




Little DayDreamers Childcare


Auto Service:

Phil’s Pro Auto

Grease Monkey



City of Greeley

Greeley Chamber of Commerce



Anton, Collins, & Mitchell (Accounting)


Food Service:

Contemporary Cook Cafe

District 6 Nutrition Services


Transport Services:

Greeley Weld County Airport



Norwoks Building Services



Rick’s Appliances

Lincoln Park Emporium



Gwen’s Salon



Centennial Park Library

Destiny Christian Center


For more information about internships or job shadowing opportunities with the businesses and organizations listed above please contact your school counselor or Scott Holcomb (Career Pathways Coordinator) at 970-348-6279 or