Early college credit refers to the several options provided to high school students in District 6 to begin earning college credit in a career-related area prior to graduating from high school.  These classes are in alignment to the different pathway programs students are engaged in.  The opportunity to participate in post-secondary courses allows for students in either, or both, their 11th and 12th grade year to spend a portion of their day on a college campus.  Benefits include:


·         Earning college credit with full tuition paid by the school district.

·         Working towards completion of post-secondary degree requirements before graduating high school.

·         The gradual transition from high school into a post-secondary education learning environment. 


When students graduate from high school they will have already worked with college professors, experienced college-level curriculum, spent significant time on a college campus, and begun the move into the next stage of their lives.  Types of early college credit opportunities in District 6 include:



Career Academy

The Career Academy Scholarship at Aims Community College is a one or two-year professional certification program that is available to qualified juniors and seniors seeking career and technical education opportunities. Available programs of study include:


·         Auto Body Repair Certificate

·         Auto Service Certificate

·         Health Med-Prep Certificate

·         Graphic Software and Application Certificate

·         Communications Media Certificate

·         Agriculture Certificate

·         Welding Certificate

·         Oil & Gas Certificate





Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take up to six credit hours per semester at Colorado institutions of higher education. Students will work with their counselors to identify the courses which are the best fit based on their immediate needs and their future goals.


Dual Enrollment:

Dual enrollment courses are AIMS Community College or University of Northern Colorado courses that allow students to earn college credit in their high school building rather than attending on- campus. This provides another opportunity for students who may not be able to travel to campus.





District 6 offers more than twenty Advanced Placement courses in eight different academic content areas including: Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, World Languages & Cultures, Business & Marketing, Visual Arts & Performing Arts.


These options are invaluable opportunities for students to further their knowledge and understanding of their chosen career field, and to be better prepared for success after they graduate from high school.
*** Students should contact their school counselor for more information and registration paperwork for the Early College Credit opportunities described above.