Student Council and No Place For Hate are sponsoring Kids Care week from April 3 - April 6. Tuesday is Compliment Day, Wednesday is Play With Someone New Day, Thursday is Random Act of Kindness Day and Friday is Mix It Up Day in the cafeteria. 
For Compliment Day, each student starts with one compliment card. The idea is to compliment someone and give them your card. You do not want to collect cards, but you want to keep giving them away. The idea is to end the day with one or zero cards.
Play With Someone New is to find someone to play with at recess that you usually don't play with.
Random Act of Kindness is to do something nice for someone without expecting something in return.
Mix It Up Day in the cafeteria is when kids are mixed up at different tables to get to know other classes.
Kids Care Week is certain to be a success.