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Phone: 970-348-2600
Classes:  Health Opportunities through Physical Education (H.O.P.E.) & Personal Fitness
Cindy Brauck

My Name is Cindy Brauck. I currently teach health and physical education at Winograd K-8 School. Previously, I taught health and physical education at Northridge High School. I am excited to assist you in completing your online course in Health or Fitness.  By taking the ENGAGE Online Academy Personal Fitness course you will feel the difference, both physically and mentally. You will start by assessing your current physical condition. You will keep a workout log to measure your progress. In addition, you will have a great personal trainer (your teacher) who will help you set realistic goals and reach your personal health-related objectives.  In the ENGAGE Online Academy H.O.P.E. Courses (Health Opportunities through Physical Education), the course topics will challenge you to be an educated consumer, manage stress, choose nutritious foods, make healthy lifestyle choices, be an effective member of a team, and influence others in your community in a positive way. Projects you complete will challenge you to seek solutions for issues facing teens in today’s culture.