Chappelow's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program (DHH) serves students from preschool to eighth grade. We currently have 21 students in our program. We are the center-based elementary and middle-school program for District 6.
Samantha Aguilar is our preschool teacher. The preschool classroom teaches using the Gold Curriculum. Nicole Cox is the resource teacher, servicing children in the mainstreamed classroom. These students are taught using the curriculum of their respective grade levels, with additional supports from Nicole.
Mollee Reiber teaches our students in the self-contained classroom. The self-contained classroom utilizes the Reading Mastery Signature Edition, Connecting Math Concepts, and Language 4 Writing curricula. Our team also includes three amazing interpreters, who work with students at six different grade levels.
As a program, we use total communication with our students, and we focus on individual student needs. Our goal is to help students become educated, independent, successful individuals.
We love working with our students and are enjoying a great school year!