Welcome to 5th Grade!
We are so excited to have your student in our fifth grade classes for the 2013-2014 school year. We have a fabulous fifth grade teaching team this year. Willis Carlson comes to us from Arizona with eleven years of teaching experience. He lives in Loveland with his wife and adorable bull-dog. Chelsea Fisher comes to us from California with five years of teaching under her belt. She has lived in Windsor for a year now and is married with two young boys. Jessica Wilson (used to be Boettge) has been at Meeker for two previous years teaching 5th grade and taught intermediate grades and reading intervention in the district for three years prior to that. She is recently married and lives in Fort Collins with her and her husband’s plethora of pets. We know that fifth grade is an important step towards middle school. Since homework will increase substantially in middle school, we will prepare students accordingly by assigning at least one homework piece per night. This will typically include their math study link which will match the lesson that was taught that day. It will also often consist of a reading response log. Reading, either out loud or silently in a level appropriate book is a school requirement for a minimum of 30 minutes per night. This ensures that your student is increasing their fluency and vocabulary in and out of school. Students will get a time card to log these minutes that they will turn in each week. Not counting the 30 minutes of reading, we will be sure that homework assigned does not exceed the recommended fifth grade time of 50 minutes. If you find that your student is spending more than 50 minutes plus the 30 minutes of reading please let us know and we will work on homework completion strategies with them. Also, if homework cannot be completed on certain occasions because of family events, emergencies, etc. feel free just to write us a quick email or note on the homework and your child will receive an extension or be excused from the assignment. Homework is extremely important to fostering responsibility. Homework turn-in is noted on student’s report cards and is rewarded in our classroom. We take behavior very seriously in fifth grade. Smart choices will be rewarded with a PAW ticket system involving prizes and privileges. Class “marble” systems will also be used which will lead to classroom celebrations. Poor choices will result in a single warning, followed by restricted recess (although as per wellness policy students will still receive a chance to move and exercise), removal to partner teacher’s room coupled with a refocus form which will be sent home to be signed and returned, student copying of accountability essays and finally a call home and office referral. We know that you will do our best to support us as we support your child in creating a positive, disruption free zone for themselves and their peers. Since we are all in portables this year, we do not have access to running water. It is highly recommended that students bring water bottles labeled with their names to cut down on having to go inside to use the water fountain. Only water may be brought in the bottles. Students will be given two bathroom passes a day which they may use any time that we are not giving information or instructions. They should also use the restroom while inside following lunch and specials if necessary. If your student has needs requiring more than two additional restroom breaks a day please let us know directly. We're excited for a great 2013/2014! Sincerely, 5th Grade Team