Dear Parents and Students:

          This extracurricular program is designed to engage our skills and creativity in many areas, hopefully while having fun with other students in a safe and inclusive environment.


          Our program is open to 4th and 5th grade students, both girls and boys alike. Each unit will be 3 afternoons long, Tuesday – Thursday immediately after school until 4:45 pm. There are two “seasons” of intramurals each with unique units. The first season will be Winter, with a Spring Season of units to come.


To keep the costs of the units as low as possible, transportation is not provided. That means that your child’s transportation will need to be arranged before they can come. Students are welcome to continue participating in intramurals as long as they can be picked up at 4:45 pm each day.


Students begin by signing up for their first 2 choices of units. They will find out what unit(s) they were accepted into later this week. If there are spaces available for later units, students can then sign up for them starting next week.


Many units are free, but if a unit has a fee associated with it, please do not send a check with your permission slip. ONLY SEND CHECKS WHEN YOUR STUDENT COMES TO THE INTRAMURAL ITSELF!


The sooner you return the permission slip, the better chances you have at getting the units you want.      Be sure to have your child return their permission slip to Mr. Thorngate before Thursday 10/29/15 at 4:00 pm.


After-school intramurals is considered a privilege, and students are welcome to attend as long as they behave in a mature, respectful and responsible manner.

I’m excited to have you join our groups and I hope you have a fun time! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, 

Tim Thorngate

Art Teacher and Intramural Leader

Heiman Elementary

(970) 348 – 2460

 Please click purple links below to view important documents for Intramurals