Guitar Club

Guitar Club is a club designed for students with interest in the guitar. We have students that start playing the guitar when they come to John Evans, students that have previous experience with the guitar before coming to John Evans, as well as some students that come back as high school students to pay it forward as teachers.
We meet on Tuesday afternoon from 4:15 to 5:15. During that time we teach new techniques and skills on the guitar, share with each other what we have learned on our own away from the club, and collaborate with each other to create new music. It simply is a place to get together with others that have a similar interest in the guitar.
If you are interested in guitar club, please contact Mr. Thorpe.
Here is a short video about the John Evans Guitar Club: 
Here is another short video to help you access learning the guitar from home:
Other adult sponsors in the building are: Brett Goldstein, Brent McHattie (Chappelow Teacher)