At its core ENGAGE Online Academy is a completely different online learning experience. When others say, "this is as far as we can go", ENGAGE says, "this is where we begin." The following highlights set ENGAGE apart as unique and cutting-edge.
What to Expect video
Hardware/software: All students in ENGAGE are provided with the best hardware and software to use in all of their courses. Full-time students are provided with a MacBook Air laptop computer. All courses will utilize the MacBook Air's variety of software and programming applications to heighten the student experience in ENGAGE courses.
Courses: ENGAGE offers 38 classes to students at the high school level in all core academic content areas and a variety of electives. The teachers at ENGAGE work together to build out their courses for a consistent flow of cross-curricular opportunity so that each course will have a wide array of content built upon a singular academic focus.
Student supports: Students in ENGAGE will have the opportunity to work with the ENGAGE school counselor as they consider course selections and progress towards graduation. All students in ENGAGE will have the opportunity to participate in an orientation session to fully equip and prepare them for the ENGAGE experience.
Post-secondary preparation: Students in ENGAGE will also work towards building and preparing for their own unique post-secondary path. Efforts here will include working with the ENGAGE counselor on scholarship and college admissions, student development of their Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP), and career research and exploration in the Career and Life Choices and Career and Academic Planning classes.