• 2014-15 District Calendar


    Below is a collection of calendars showing the work year for various employees in our district.

    Please note when downloading the PDF of each calendar: Days employees are scheduled to work are shaded in gray on each of the calendars.
    If you have any questions concerning the calendars, please email Amy at aking@greeleyschools.org.  

    Employee Work Calendars

    This is a collection of calendars showing the work year for various employees in the district. Please note: days employees are scheduled to work are shaded in gray.  

    Adopted by the Board of Education December 10, 2013

    This guide details each work calendar, the employee groups/positions for each calendar, and the start and end dates for the 2014-2015 school year.  

    Positions Include:
    ESS Assistant/Paraprofessionals | Bilingual Interpreter | Brailist | Campus Monitor |Community Liaison | Crossing Guard | Educational Interpreter-DHH  Instructional Assistant | ISS Monitor | Library/Media Associate 
    Lunch Monitor | Migrant Youth Advocate | Nutrition Warehouse Delivery | Parent Liaison | Preschool Assistant 
    School Psychologist Intern | Speech Language Pathologist Assistant | SWACC Clerk | Title I Assistant | Title I Parent Liaison

    181 Day Calendar 
    Positions Include:
    Bus Driver | Bus Monitor

    182 Day Calendar
    Positions Include:
    Health Clerks

    Positions Include:
    Returning Teachers

    184 Day Calendar - Nurses

    Positions Include:

    188 Day Calendar - New Teachers
    Positions Include:
    New Teachers

    Positions Include:
    Migrant Youth Advocate | Secretary (Elementary and K-8) | Title I Specialist

    Positions Include:
    Youth Advocate Dean | Dean of Students | ESS Dean | Migrant Youth Advocate | Secretary (Secondary) | SWAP Specialist

    Positions Include:
     Assistant Principals (Elementary, K-8, Middle, Secondary) | Dean of Students (GAP) | Intervention Facilitator | 
    Office Manager (Elementary, K-8, Middle) | Principal (Elementary, Middle, K-8) | SWAP Facilitator | Welcome Center Facilitator | Facilitators

    220 Day Calendar Nutrition
    Positions Include:
    Food Production Assistant | Food Production Specialist | Nutrition Finance Specialist | Nutrition Program Specialist | Nutrition Warehouse Delivery 

    230 Day Calendar
    Positions Include:
    Principal (High School) | Military Instructor | Office Manager (High School) | Finance Secretary (High School)
    Review Work Calendar Guide to determine which positions are scheduled to work on this calendar.
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