Welcome to Centennial Elementary School! We are the Eagles and practice soaring every day. What does it mean to soar? It means that we are safe, organized, achieving and respectful.
We do wear uniforms at Centennial. You also should have shirts tucked in neatly from first grade through fifth grade. Students are also expected to remove jackets while inside the building. On Fridays, students may wear school t-shirts: Soar t-Shirts, No Place for Hate t-shirts or flag football t-shirts. Shirts should still be worn tucked in. Details are also found under the Uniforms section. 
It is also important to be at school on time each and everyday. The bell rings at 8:20 each morning. Be ready to get to your class before that time.  We do serve breakfast in the classroom each morning.
It is also important to have all of your materials to work with each day. Be responsible and come prepared with writing utensils, paper, books, completed homework, signed notes, proper shoes for PE, recorders, etc for music, library books to return, etc.
You may want to look under our Activities channel to see what kinds of things we do at Centennial. Check out the classroom pages and get ready to SOAR!
Welcome to Centennial!