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Welcome to Your Chappelow Library Webpage!

Mrs. Bridget Parker
Phone: 348-1291
I have my BA in English from the University of Northern Colorado, and I have had the privilege of working at Chappelow for 6 years, 5 of them in the library. I'm happy to help, if you have any questions or library needs!
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Welcome to the Library page!
It is my goal to teach students information literacy, that is, to be able to find information, understand it, and use it!
Your student will have the opportunity to learn his or her way around the library and develop an enjoyment of reading!
This year, there are so many exciting things going on to promote love of reading and increase reading skill
amongst the Chappelow students!

Book Fairs

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Check out our Book Fair Webpage:

Destiny Quest: the new OPAC

Destiny Quest is our NEW online library catalog.  You can access it to see what we have if you click https://greeleyschools.follettdestiny.com/quest/servlet/presentquestform.do?site=114&context=saas40_0535518&alreadyValidated=true

Click here for  a short video about how to use Destiny Quest http://bcove.me/20x6ansb

Battle of the Books


Start thinking about who you would like on your team of 3-4 people, and stay tuned for our 2015-2016 Book lists!

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Accelerated Reader: Practice makes Perfect!
When you want to excel at something, you must practice! If you want to be a world-class soccer
star, you must
spend time conditioning and practicing on the field! If you want to be a Rock
Star, you have to put in the time
mastering your instrument or vocal skills. The same goes for
being a great reader!!
There's this common idea in
our culture that a person is either a "good reader" or a "not a very
good reader." We forget that we can change
this by how much we PRACTICE reading! This year,
we are continuing this program to motivate kids to read in
ways that will grow their abilities
as readers. Students will be tested to determine their reading levels and
then be challenged
to meet a goal by reading books within that level and taking quizzes to show they understood
what they read.
This year, we know our students can do outstanding things!  Besides the reward of
enjoying books and zooming
ahead academically, each student who meets his or her goal for
each term will receive a reward and recognition after
the term!
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The library is ready to go, stocked with a large selection of AR-leveled books for your student to select and enjoy! If your student wants finds a book outside of the library and would like to know if it is an AR-leveled book, please visit this website
and search the title of the book to find out: www.arbookfind.com
Your support will make a huge difference in your students' success! Your student will have access to quizzes from school,
or you can access your student's progress by using Renaissance Home Connect from your home.
For more information, please visit these webpages!
Parents' guide to AR (en espanol): http://doc.renlearn.com/KMNet/R004397924GJE37E.pdf
Parents' guide to Renaissance Home Connect: http://doc.renlearn.com/KMNet/R004122911GHD622.pdf
Parents' guide to Renaissance Home Connect (espanol): http://doc.renlearn.com/KMNet/R004280324GH291C.pdf
The benefits are many and awesome:
*You will get to enjoy more family togetherness! Find an entertaining book the whole family
will look forward to!
*Your kids will see reading as something fun, not just a chore!
Kids whose families read aloud to them have a giant academic advantage:
*Their vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds!
*Their background knowledge grows--reading takes people to places they usually can't go in real
*They hear language and so learn sounds, words, and expression, which really helps them
become more fluent readers!