Hi, my name is Molly Rains.  I have been with District 6 for approximately 8 years, and here at Greeley West for three of those eight.  I have two boys that attend here as well, and you can just imagine how much they like having their mom here!   I enjoy working as the Counseling Secretary for four wonderful counselors.  My hours are 7:15-3:45 Monday – Friday and my direct number is 348-5418.  My direct fax is 348-5431. 

How Ms. Rains Can Help
  • In need of transcripts (please encourage your student to order these from me on the yellow sheets on top of my desk.  I work on these only on Wednesday afternoons).
  • Records requests – please fax me at 970-348-5431
  • Withdrawing (guardians need to do this in person with the student)
  •  Enrolling a new student (must bring Proof of Address….i.e. a utility bill that was “mailed” to you within the last 30 days that shows the guardian’s name, address and date on it”
  • Transfer requests
  •   Scholarships (I print them out approx. every 2 weeks and they are also on our website to download)
  • Need to meet with your counselor:  Remember to sign up on your counselor’s sign-up sheet and then see me for a pass to return for that appt.
  • Letters of Recommendation form
  •  Free & Reduced lunch form
Ms. Molly Rains
Registrar & Counseling Secretary
Phone: (970) 348-5418
E-Mail Ms. Rains

Pop Quiz...

(From Diana Atcherley) What is your favorite quote? "All you dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney
(From Henry Alvizo) What is your favorite breakfast item? Anything with Bacon!
(From Amanda Paxson) What is your favorite sports team? Colorado Avalanche
(From Amy Carpenter & Raymond Sanchez) Where did you go to college and what did you first decide to major in? I wanted to be a court reporter, so I went for 2 years, working full time and school at night until one day I showed up and the doors were chained shut and "bankruptcy" was written on the door. The sister college was very far away from my house (downtown Los Angeles) and my mom prevented me from driving that far in the night, so I had to give up my dream "at the time". I always loved law, so I was
lucky enough to be trained on the job to become a Legal Secretary/Paralegal and enjoy it for almost 20 years.
(From Alexis Zamarripa) What advice to you have for students heading to college? Follow your dreams.