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Grade: K-5
Mrs. Roberts

 Welcome to the World of Physical Education:   I am excited to work with your children again this year.  This is my 31st year in the Public School System.  I also ran a private Preschool for seven additional years.  Yes, I'm old!!!   I am certified for Physical Education K-12, Elementary Classroom, and Preschool Director.  I am an alumni of University of Northern Colorado and am a Colorado Native. I have three grown daughters and five grandchildren.  

 My greatest passion for teaching is Elementary Physical Education and Health.  I love mixing the Health with my lessons!  Your students will continue to bring home lots of information on how to stay healthy.   We don't just work on nutrition and exercise.  Those were our main focus for last year, so you should hear some more areas of interest this year.  However, be prepared to feel a little pressure on how you should take care of your own health.  Believe me, they watch me closely too!

My curriculum is also designed to teach physical developmental skills.   We do not have a curriculum which emphasizes team sports.  Team sports are great, of course, but it is not our curriculum in the elementary school.  Our goal is to prepare children to move and have a  "LOVE OF MOVEMENT!" So, if your child doesn't want to play soccer, let them dance in the backyard, ride bikes and go for walks with you!

I'm excited for a fresh new year and will enjoy all your children.