Welcome to Mrs. Burns’s Class!

Grade: Kindergarten - 5th
Phone: 348-1959
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It is so exciting for me to be welcoming you back to school this year. I am thrilled to be a part of the community at McAuliffe Elementary, and I hope you are too! Whether this is your child’s first or fifth year at McAuliffe, the new school year brings us all a fresh beginning and opportunity to continue growing and learning.  

In the upcoming school year, my goal is that every student in our class has the support to accomplish work that is significant and meaningful, and that prepares her or him for active involvement in life! This could look a little different for each child, but that is what is so great about the IFL ( Intensive Functional Learning) classroom. Each child has the support to 1) be a high achiever based on individual abilities, 2) to be included in their school community, and 3)to reach their goals!  To me, the first step in accomplishing this is getting to know you. Parents are the first teachers, so your input is invaluable to me in order to make learning at school blend smoothly with learning at home.

I will be scheduling a time to meet with you.  This  will allow us to discuss your child’s growth over the summer, and give you a chance to give me input on what you would like to see your child working on in the coming year, as well as find out a bit more about your daughter or son.  These visits will be scheduled between August 17th – September 7thth  based on your schedule.


Edith Burns