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  • The Highlight News Reel
    Check out The Highlight News Reel, the news show that gives you up-to-date happenings within the school.
    CLICK HERE to go to the Highlight page.
    These news reels are produced by the students in the video production classes along with the Highlight newspaper staff.
    Keeping you in touch with the Castle...check it out at The GCHS Highlight homepage!
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  • Deadline for Yearbook AdsThe Spud 1983
    --->CLICK HERE to go to the SPUD webpage for deadline & yearbook information.
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  • Attendance Phone #
    (970) 348-5014
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    King Soopers Card 5% Fundraiser
    Earn money for your sport!
    • Get your RE-LOADABLE King Soopers grocery cards from your coach.
    • These cards have $2.50 loaded on them.
    • Go to King Soopers (or City Market) and reload the card using your cash, check or credit card.
    • Cards can be reloaded at the information desk, gasoline kiosk or in your checkout line.
    • If you reload in the checkout line, do that first, before any groceries are scanned.
    • Your re-loadable card is tracked by King Soopers and a report (with 5% rebate check) is sent to the Wildcat Foundation every time we (The Wildcat Foundation) reach $5000 in sales.
    • This report will track the use of each card and the 5% will be added to specific sports accounts.
    • King Soopers cards can be used for grocery or gasoline.
    • Remember, King Soopers grocery cards are also good at most Kroger affiliated stores throughout the United States so send them to family members and have them help support your sport. 
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  • AMP
    Incoming Freshmen Orientation Night at the Castle
    All incoming Freshmen for the 2015-2016 school year are encouraged to come join the faculty for an informative night at the Castle.
    The event starts at 6:30pm in the AUX gym and the Commons area (enter through the WEST entrance).
    There you will be able to meet with the coaches and advisers/sponsors for all of the schools activities as well as the many different clubs that GCHS has to offer.
    Ask questions...get involved.
    At 7:00pm everyone will move into the Auditorium where you will get a hint of our upcoming musical, hear a variety of other speakers and get a feel of what GCHS stands for...Pride, Class & Dignity.
    GCHS Crest There will then be some breakout sessions in smaller groups to help your incoming freshman start thinking of how they can be involved in the upcoming high school education.
    See you there!
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  • Musical
    The GCHS Arts Magnet & Thespian Troupe 657 presents our Spring musical, Once Upon A Mattress at the GCHS Auditorium.
    Come to the musical and be thoroughly entertained by our talented students, both on stage and in the pit.
    For tickets you can contact Brian Humphrey at 970.348.5084 or you can purchase your tickets at the door.
    DateTimeAdult CostStudent Cost
    Thursday, March 127:00 pm$8.00$6.00
    Friday, March 137:00 pm 
    Saturday, March 141:00 pm
    Saturday, March 147:00 pm 
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  • Student Drop-Off
    Please drop students off at the West entrance (student parking lot) in the morning for school.  This parking lot is designed for a better flow of traffic.  The Faculty parking lot (located on the North side of the building) is not designed for high-volume traffic and by trying to drop your student off at the North doors creates a bottle-neck on 15th Street and in the parking lot itself.
    The West entrance (student parking lot) creates a safer area for your student to get into the buildinig rather than having them walk across 15th Street in traffic.  Thank you for your attention to this as we strive to keep the area safe for not only your student but for you as well.
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  • Attendance
    To report an absence for your student please call the attendance line directly at (970) 348-5014
    Please also remember to bring a photo ID with you when you come to pick up your child.
    Although some staff may know the parents of the students not everyone in the office may be familiar with you or your child.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
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Headlines & Features

  • District 6's Student Athlete of the Week-Kendall Sparkman

    This week’s District 6 Student Athlete of the Week is Kendall Sparkman from Greeley Central High School. Kendall is a senior with a 3.731 GPA and is on the Wildcats’ girls swim team.

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  • Student Spotlight: Matthew Villarreal

    “Matthew is a rock star! His sincere character sets him apart from his peers. Matt’s 4.068 GPA represents his hard work and dedication to his education. This year, Matt set a school record in the 3-mile during cross country and was voted most valuable player by his team." - Greeley Central High School Faculty

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Other Events & Information

  • Wildcat Days

    Join us for Wildcat Days every month (Click here for details). Let’s support the GCHS Wildcat Foundation and have some fun eating out at local restaurants!

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