• 1st Day of School:
    Grades 1 - 5 - Friday, August 19th
    Kindergarten - Wednesday, August 24th
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  • Back to School Night
    Wednesday, August 17th
    5:30 - 7:00 pm
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  • Summer Hours

    July 18th through July 29th - 7:30 - 4:00 - closed on Friday

    Starting August 1st - Monday through Friday, 7:30 - 4:00

    Accepting enrollment packets for Kindergarten through 5th grade

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A message from our principal for August 22, 2016 

We had a wonderful first day of school and are looking forward to a great first full week of classes.  Please remember that school gets out for all students at 2:15 on Mondays, please make sure you plan for that this week. 

You may have already heard about our special event on Saturday , August 27 from 11-2 at school.  We will have a family picnic with free entertainment from Ms. Sutphin’s band and outside family games.  We have LOTS of free ice cream to give away so please bring a picnic and some chairs and plan to join us this Saturday! 

Finally, just a couple reminders about our drop-off and pick-up routines for this year.  If you like the ease of staying in your car and driving up to the sidewalk for pick-up and drop-off you can do that on the northbound side of Palermo Ave.  Do not park your car on Palermo and get out if you are in that lane, it is designed to be a single-continuous pick-up lane.  If you prefer to park your car and walk to pick up your child, please do that by parking on the streets north or west of the school but do not block driveways of our neighbors.  Lastly, the only 2 places along Palermo for students and adults to walk safely across Palermo are at Rialto (north) or Milan (south).  Please look below for maps and information.

New for 2016-17 School Year- Parking Lot & Drop-Off/Pick-Up  
Ann K. Heiman will be changing the way students are picked up and dropped off during the school year.

Big Changes:
  • Parking lot will be closed from 8:00-8:40 all mornings, 1:45-2:05 Monday afternoons, and 3:00-3:45 Tuesday-Thursday.
  • Busses will be loading and unloading in front of the building
  • There will be a new drop-off/pick-lane on the west side of the building
  • There is no parking between Milan St and Rialto Ave, on Palermo Ave
  • In order to come into the parking lot during closed hours, listed above, vehicles will need a “Husky Pass” from the office.

To be most efficient in student pick-up and drop-off times, here are a few tips:
  1. The best, and most easily accessible, parking will be north of Ann K. Heiman.
  2. When coming to Ann K. Heiman off 37th St, use Sienna Ave and come around to the north side of the school. (Please see white dotted line below)
  3. The pick-up/drop-off zone is for quick drop-off and pick-ups. THERE IS NO PARKING IN THIS LANE.
  4. The front doors of the school will not be a good “meeting place.” Please, find another location along the west side of the school.
  5. To be most efficient please come to school with a meet-up plan in place.
  6. If a vehicle is coming into the parking lot with a “Husky Pass,” please come straight in off Rialto Ave. (There will be no right or left hand turns during closed parking hours)

Last, but certainly not least, courtesy.
  • Please do not park in front of our neighbors' driveways.
  • Follow all speed limits.
  • If you see a vehicle that is not following these guidelines, please report to Ann K. Heiman office staff. Do not engage in conflict. Remember our children are watching.
Parking Lot Map  Traffic Flow


Welcome to Ann K. Heiman Elementary!  We are so excited that you are a part of the Huskies! 

AKH anniversary plane  
The pictures are in! - A huge thank you to Randy Owens (of Randy's Restaurant), Photographer and Bill Hall, Pilot for our aerial picture!
We're so proud of our school, staff and students!

Headlines & Features

  • Teacher Who Makes a Difference: Deb Highfield

    Deb Highfield, a teacher at Heiman Elementary School, is the September 2013 "Educator Who Makes a Difference" in Weld County School District 6.

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  • A Decade of Excellence-Heiman Elementary

    A video feature celebrating the past 10 years of classes at Heiman Elementary School.

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  • Nondiscrimination Statement

    Greeley-Evans School District 6 and the Board of Education commits itself to a policy of nondiscrimination and shall not discriminate in its educational, employment or hiring practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability. Concern or complaint procedures have been established for students, parents, employees and members of the public. The following person(s) have been identified as a compliance officer for District 6:

    Chief Human Resources Officer
    1025 9th Avenue Greeley, CO 80631
    Phone: (970) 348-6000

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