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Principal's Corner


Principal’s Notes for Newsletter 4-8-14



I had one of the Greeley Police Department Officers drop by right before break about the traffic in our surrounding neighborhood.  He gave me a copy of a letter directed at families that I have attached on the back of the newsletter today.  It shares with parents some of the common fines that can happen in close proximity to schools.  We sure don’t want anyone to ever be ticketed, but they also want to keep all our kids safe as well as our neighborhoods accessible. 

The primary things they are seeing are not new things, but I wanted to remind everyone about them so we can all collectively address them. The first is double parking- pulling alongside another row of cars that is parked along the curb.  Sometimes this is in a hurry to let your child out in one of the cul-de-sacs for example, but it’s very dangerous to stop and let children out in this fashion.

 The other common problem we are having is blocking access to neighborhood streets and driveways.  Please do not park in front of a driveway.  This is unfair to our neighbors as they need to be able to come and go from their homes.

I just want to share this information with you all so we can work together.  The goal is not to receive any tickets, but to work together so our neighbors are happy neighbors of our school.  One solution is to pick up your child 5-10 minutes after the school dismissal.  By this time, the parking lot clears out and you can just pull through the circle drive to pick up your child.  We stay out front supervising the students for about 15 minutes after our dismissal time.

Thanks for your help with this and keeping our kids safe!

Extracurricular Activities

Did you see the “Greeley Tribune” right before break with the story about our Chess Club?  I shared about some of our wonderful extracurricular activities that we offer our students and Sherrie Peif did a wonderful story about our chess club.  Many of these students are competing in a chess tournament this coming Saturday and we wish them the best of luck!

 Busy Next Few Weeks

We have a very busy spring here at Christa McAuliffe Elementary School.  We have many field trips planned (thanks to our PTO for the funding of these activities) as well as our Silver Falcon Singers and field day and other school-wide activities, as well as our spring assessments.  We give our last state assessment or CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success) over the next few weeks.  Fifth grade will be testing science April 15-17 and Fourth grade will be testing Social Studies April 22-24.  This will be our first experience with the new on-line testing that the state is moving towards.

 With so many activities going on here at school, please make sure to let your child’s teacher knows if your child will be gone at all.  If they will be gone for an entire day, we ask that you complete a prearranged absence form that can be found on our website or in the office.  We request that these be turned in two weeks prior to the event so we can have them go through our approval process as well as make arrangements for missed work while they are gone.  Thanks for your assistance with all this and we look forward to making the best use of every instructional moment through our last day of school which is May 21st.


Wes Tuttle, Principal


Wes Tuttle  

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