Student of the Week
It is the Goal of the GAP student of the week to recognize students who show
great attendence, work ethic, friendly and helpful behavior,
and are stand out citizens for our school.
Each week a new student will be selected and they recieve a free Blackjack Pizza.
This Weeks Student
Clemencia Domingo - 2nd Shift - March 26-29, 2012

         Clemencia has spent the past year and a half at GAP working on her diploma.  She has occasionally become discouraged, but always pulls herself up and continues to try her hardest!  She has a ready smile for everyone she meets and is polite and friendly to all!  This week, Clemencia’s persevering spirit has paid off as she graduates from GAP!!!  Congratulations, Clemencia on your nomination for Student of the Week and most of all, for the accomplishment of graduation!!!!!