District 6 seeks donations for newly opened Teachers Closet

Teachers Closet The Teachers Closet, a new resource center at Greeley-Evans School District 6 that collects new supplies and materials for teachers and staff to use in classrooms, is looking for donations.

Organizers of the Teachers Closet are seeking businesses or organizations that may have overstocked inventory or be willing to contribute to the program on a regular basis. The Teachers Closet also happily accepts one-time donations.

Some of the items regularly in demand are:
•    School supplies, such as pens, pencils, staplers, scissors, markers, colored pencils, spiral notebooks, folder, binders, loose leaf paper, sticky notes, construction paper and card stock.
•    Art supplies, including various paints, paint brushes, stamps, pastels, sketch books, yarn, and more.
•    Other supplies, including Kleenex, hand sanitizer, calculators, backpacks, whiteboard supplies, clip boards and more.

Items that cannot be accepted are computers and electronic equipment, textbooks, magazines or any toys. Cash donations will be accepted and used to purchase supplies not donated.

The materials are stored at the central warehouse and distributed to District 6 staff to be used in classrooms and schools to help student learning.

To make a donation or to inquire about The Teachers Closet, call Volunteer Coordinator Cassie Noble at (970) 348-6223 or email  More information about the Teachers Closet is available at under the Get Involved tab. Or, visit our Facebook page at

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