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Class Overview

  • Do you like to work with your hands and are interested in a career in the construction industry? Greeley West High School is THE place to expand your knowledge in this exciting and growing field!

    Students are introduced to the basics of carpentry as well as technical skills in the shop in their 1st year Principles of Construction course. Students can then choose from 1 of 2 industry-related pathways in which to further develop skills and interests. 


    Pathway 1: Carpentry - This pathway starts with the introductory Principles of Construction class and advances to the Carpentry of Technology courses in the student's second year. Carpentry of Technology allows students to learn about woodworking, fine carpentry, residential construction systems, and advanced trade skills used by industry professionals. Detailed course information can be found via the link here


    Pathway 2: PTECH (Construction Management) - Generally, this pathway also starts with the introductory Principles of Construction class for the student's first year. They then have the opportunity to apply to the Construction Management program offered at GWHS (aka PTECH). Within the district, GWHS is the home of PTECH and, after being accepted, affords students the opportunity to earn college credits while pursuing the Construction Management field as they are enrolled into the AIMS A.A.S. Construction Management degree program. 

                       PTECH, while offering concurrent enrollment college courses in the high school setting, also allows students up to 2 YEARS after high school graduation to complete the A.A.S. degree at AIMS free of                           charge to the student and their family. To learn more about this exciting opportunity click here

  • Principles of Construction Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
    This course is the entry point to the rest of the pathway.
    You will develop technical skills, learn shop/tool safety and collaborate with other students to complete large projects.
  • Carpentry of Technology Grades 10, 11, 12
    *Prerequisite - Principle of Construction*
    You will dive into the science and systems of construction.
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    • PTECH Course Offering Guide can be found here: PTECH Course Flow Chart
    • Greeley West High School is the home of the Construction PTECH Pathway.
    • Greeley-Evans School District 6 has partnered with industry leaders and Aims Community College to offer a unique educational program allowing high school students to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree while gaining valuable work experience - all while still in high school.
    • Students have up to 2 years after high school to complete the program. 
    • P-TECH stands for Pthways in Technology - Early College High School. 

    For more information, please contact Katie Hansen at 970-348-5530 or khansen8@greeleyschools.org

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