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Mr. Willcox


My name is Mitchell Willcox and I am the art teacher at Scott this year. Before Scott, I was the art teacher at Twombly Elementary in Fort Lupton for five years. Before that I was a classroom teacher for two years in Fort Lupton and I taught English as a second language for five years in Vietnam. I love teaching art and I cannot imagine doing anything else. I organize my teaching around both skills and an artist of the month. I choose artists from a variety of backgrounds, times, and locations so that I can show students the vastness of the world of art. Just as importantly, I want students to see people like themselves making art. So one month we might be in Nigeria with El Anatsui, the next month we could be in Mexico City with Betsabee Romero, and then we might go back in time to learn about an old European master like Michelangelo. Each class period will start with learning about an artist, their processes, and their culture. Then, students will have the space, time, and freedom to create art either based on a theme I provide or from an idea that comes out of their imagination. 

In addition to being an art teacher I am also an artist. I create art using almost exclusively found materials. I beleive strongly in reusing what has been discarded to do a tiny part in helping create a sustainable future. 

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-Mr. Willcox