Hello! Fifth Grade
  • Fifth Grade Rocks!  

           Coming to Fifth Grade is such an exciting time for your child.  This year is a transition year that will mark the end of their elementary career and prepare them for the next stage in their education. We have high expectations that will prepare them for what is expected in Middle school.  By preparing students for what is to come, they will have an easier transition next year.

           Don't forget the fun! In fifth grade students are allowed to paratcipate in Panther Leadership and Gaden Club. In the Spring, students will get to go to The Orchestra for a field trip. These are only a few things that students and parents are looking forward to.  We are excited to
     share this journey with your children this year! 


          As well, our Martinez fifth graders are doing amazing things already this year! They are all developing their leadership skills with family groups on Mondays and have been serving as role models for all the younger grades! They are using academic discource to have deeper meaning conversations with each other in all academic areas. Students are building their computer skills with blended learning and extending thier collaboration, risk taking and learner agency learning through Project Based Learning. Their growth is amazing and they are our Martinez Panthers who show Pride, Respect and Cooperation each and every day! 


     5th Grade Teachers

      Ms. Knoeckel        Ms. Small           Ms. Tappan         Ms. Ryan 

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