Welcome to Winograd

            -Thursday, February 8, 2018-
            Winograd Kindergarteners celebrated their first 100 days of Kindergarten with a parade ending with treats in the cafeteria.  Pictures from the event are HERE. It's a fun tradition that all of our CUBS look forward to every year.
            VARIETY SHOW 2018
            - Friday, January 26, 2018 -
            Slide shows and videos of this year's Variety Show are HERE.  The show was hosted by Co-Masters of Ceremony Josh W. & Aidan H. and was held on Friday, January 26, 2018.
            - Thursday, February 15, 2018 -
            Our February COURAGE Assembly saw fifty-four students earning COURAGE Awards for displaying Achievement during the last month.
            Yeager   Hassell
            Miss Yeager presented Library Challenge Awards to two CUBS.  Mrs. Hassell was thrilled to accept the Attendance trophy for the 5th Grade class.  They had the highest average daily attendance of the intermediate grades.  Second grade won the attendance award for the primary grades, and seventh grade were the winners for middle school.
            Ten students were thanked for being the top fundraisers in the elementary and middle school levels.  (One is missing from this picture because she was absent.)
            odom  hhtogether
            Miss Odom awarded Evyn M. and Erick M. A. the February Health Heroes awards.  Health Heroes are nominated by student peers for showing healthy habits.  Miss Odom then draws two students out of the bucket of Health Hero nominations.
            Third grade students told the CUBS about their Community Service project for this month.  They are collecting chapstick & toothpaste for the people that the Guadelupe Shelter serve.
            band1   cheer
            And all of the CUBS ended the assembly by singing the school song accompanied by Miss Albertson and her 7th & 8th grade band.
            - Thursday, January 18, 2018 -
            We had our January COURAGE Assembly on Thursday, January 18th. 
            COURAGE Awards were presented to 54 CUBS who had shown Respect in the last month.
            j5  j8  j9
            Mrs. Turner, (with help from her 1st grade class) introduced the "5210" campaign which will take place during the month of February. To learn more about the 5210 Campaign, click HERE
            Middle School math teachers presented "Multiplication Masters" awards to 3rd graders who earned them during the last month.
            Mrs. Warden & Mrs. Gerbers were thrilled to accept the prize for the second grade classes who earned the highest average daily attendance award for the primary grades this month.  The 4th grade won the award for the intermediate grades, and the 8th grade won the award for the middle school grades.
            j2  j  HH Together
            Mrs. Pedersen announced who won T-Time books for the month and Miss Yeager posed with the CUBS who won Reading Challenge awards.  This month's Health Heroes are Aneisyah F. and Dylan H.
            Our middle school orcehstra performed several songs to welcome the CUBS into the gym.  At the end of the assembly the ordhestra also played to school song so Mrs. Warden could help us all sing it together! 
            Mrs. Gerbers and the 2nd graders encourage CUBS to donate mittens and hats for the Mitten & Hat tree during the month of December.  And, Mrs. Pedersen and the 1st graders encouraged CUBS to donate pet supplies and food during their Wags & Wishes community service campaign.  And we again ended our time together singing the school song accompanied by the band!
            2017-2018 SCHOOL HOURS
            Winograd K-8 School will not have early release Mondays this year.  The students will have the same school hours each day of the week.
            The hours are:  Monday - Friday from 7:50 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.
            New Lunch/Recess Schedule is: HERE

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          • Student Spotlight: Dylan Correa Hernandez

            “Dylan is a self-directed learner. We appreciate his manners, focus and personal drive to make himself and others better each day. He is a grounded young man, he understands and takes on the challenges of being a student in today’s world! His positive nature and sense of humor make learning with him a joy! ” ~ Middle School Staff, School Counselors, and School Administration

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