What to Expect in 7th Grade

  • The course for 7th grade social studies is World History.  In this class, students will explore the ancient civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere.  The course begins with the study of early humans and a review of geography skills.  Students will also investigate the first known civilizations in the world including societies in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Kush.   Students will also study the roots of democracy which began in the city-states of ancient Greece.  Another unit we study focuses on the ancient Romans and their strong dominance and influence throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.  We finish up the year with our Medieval unit that covers the fall of Rome and the rise of feudalism in Medieval Europe.  An emphasis is placed on the development of the various civilizations, their successes, and their influences on modern societies.

    Do you like learning all about your body and the world around you?  If so, you are in for a great time in 7th grade science! This class is focused on six units including:   1. Studying People Scientifically, 2.  Cell Biology and Disease, 3. Genetics, 4. Body Works, 5. Ecology, and 6. Evolution.  Some questions we will be exploring are: How are the components – or organelles – of a cell related to the cell’s function? How do organs and organ systems in the human body interact to perform specific functions? How does biodiversity contribute to an ecosystem’s equilibrium? What is the relationship between an organism’s traits and its potential for survival and reproduction?  How do scientists solve problems? What kinds of problems do scientists solve?  How can patterns in the inheritance of traits be used to predict how frequently they appear in offspring?   

    Meet the 7th Grade Team

    -C. Haddorff
    -L. Haddorff
    -C. Jackson