Math 6th Grade

    General Description:

    This class builds a stronger understanding of fractions and decimals.  Students learn to compute using various strategies such as estimation, mental math, paper and pencil, calculators, etc. to solve math problems.  Basic geometry, statistics, probability, measurement and algebra are also incorporated into this course.


    Math 7th Grade

    General Description:

    Students will continue to develop skills using fractions, decimals, and percents as they apply them in real life situations.  They will develop the concepts and demonstrate the use of ratios and proportions.  Students will start to move more into abstract concepts as they begin to use variables to solve problems and work to understand the significance between number patterns and variables.  Students will learn to find patterns in the math around them and begin to write simple equations.  Students will also work with geometry, statistics, probability, measurement, algebra, and the use of signed numbers.


    Math 8th Grade

    General Description:

    This course is an introductory course in algebraic and geometric concepts.  Instructional activities fundamental to algebra such as ratios and proportions using signed numbers and variables, percentages, solving equations with one variable, calculator skills, and geometry skills will be taught.  This course will prepare the student for a successful experience in Algebra 1.



    General Description:

    This course is an in-depth study of Algebraic topics as well as some geometry, statistics and probability concepts. Students will apply algebraic topics to a variety of mathematical expressions.  Problem solving with appropriate application problems is also a focus of the course.  Topics mastered in the course provide the foundation for all further math courses.  Placement will be based on student performance data. NOTE: This course does not receive high school credit. Taking Algebra in 8th grade enables students to capitalize on higher level math courses at the high school level.