Physical Education

  • Physical Education/Fitness/Health

    General Description:

    This course provides students with the opportunity to learn a variety of sports and sports related movements as well as health and fitness concepts. Health topics relate to primary prevention strategies related to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Students are provided an opportunity to continue to improve and explore individual, dual, and team sports with a special focus on life-time sports. Emphasis is placed on active participation and positive social interaction. Instruction is on a group basis and encourages students to work toward personal goals and the fulfillment of their own potential. As students gain competence in a particular skill, they experience, within the confines of a safe and secure environment, the challenges of competition, which require discipline, responsibility, teamwork, and cooperation.


    8th Grade Team Sports

    General Description:

    This course provides students with an opportunity to apply their physical and mental capabilities in a wide variety of sporting and recreational contexts. Physical skills and knowledge of team sports are further developed. Special attention is given to the application of these capabilities in the wider community. As a result students become aware of life-long recreational opportunities and learn how to participate in them. The development of psychomotor and cognitive skills in the area of team sports as well as conditioning and fitness are stressed.

    Andrew Hess, Department Chair