Website Help

  • Use the website as a marketing tool and helpful resource. Your website is a great way to showcase all the great things at your school and classrooms. It is a great way to inform your community by posting helpful documents and providing answers. Hopefully, the more you use your website, the fewer number of phone calls your office will receive about the same question. 

Website Tips

    • Keep a consistent font and size. Please use the default font provided by the website host. Using too many sizes and colors are distracting and hard to read. 
    • Make sure to save often, but remember, once you delete something and save, there is not an undo button.
    • A text box with a red triangle in the corner is a required field. You must complete before proceeding to the next step.
    • Put as much content as you want on your website, but remember to keep it updated. Updated means weekly or monthly, not annually.
    • Before posting any photos of students, check with your office manager to see if any students have opted out of the FERPA waiver during registration. The FERPA waiver allows us to use student images for marketing purposes. 
    • Create headline graphics on Adobe Express using your school username and password. 
      • Headline Graphic Size: 200 width by 150 height. 
    • Multimedia rotator photos for the main page should be high resolution and sized 1500 width by 915 height. 
    • Learn how to create accessible content

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