About School District 6

  • District 6 serves more than 20,000 students in the communities of Greeley and Evans, Colorado. It has 25 district-operated schools, plus five charter schools and an online academy. District 6 students' academic performance has been rising steadily over the past five years and high school graduates routinely earn prestigious honors, awards and scholarships to colleges and universities all across the nation. Graduation rates have continued to increase, drop-out rates have continued to decrease and the District 6 school board and instructional team are committed to continually working to improve the education of all students.


    Early College Academy not only complements the current academic programs offered throughout District 6 but it also will serve to alleviate overcrowding in two of District 6’s most comprehensive high schools. Parents and school board members have identified a need for another high school in Greeley and Early College Academy will fulfill that need.


    Implementation Plan

    The Early College Academy is scheduled to open in the Fall Semester of 2015 with freshman and sophomore classes and will be located in the Aims Community College Facility at 5590 West 11th Street in Greeley, Colorado. The implementation plan calls for the governance of the school to remain a District 6 high school, but the plan will include a cooperative approach between District 6 and Aims for the school's facility, technology, administration, and school staffing. Funding for the school will be provided by Colorado's per pupil funding with District 6 contracting services from Aims Community College. Aims and District 6 will work together to supplement services so they match the high quality services currently offered to Aims Community College students throughout the college system.  


    Vision of Early College Academy

    Early College Academy will create a high performing high school of 500 ninth through twelfth grade students for District 6. The vision of Early College Academy is the following:

    • To work collaboratively with Aims Community College to create the leading public school in the country.
    • To increase the number of college ready graduates from District 6 Schools attending four-year colleges.
    • To double post-secondary enrollment of District 6 students in Aims Community College over the next 3 years and increase the number of students participating in a four-year college degree within the next 6 years.
    • To create an innovative high-performing school where students acquire a rigorous academic foundation that they can apply to the community and world around them in meaningful ways.
    • To develop an academic program where all students earn college acceptance and are prepared to successfully earn a college degree
    • To graduate students with character and a sense of civic responsibility of whom a significant percentage will assume leadership positions.
    • To be an innovative school that creates the national model and center for Early College Academy education in the country.
    • To produce a school model that redefines the approach to successful secondary education.


    Components of Early College Academy education model include:

    • An academic program that has graduation requirements that meet the requirements for guarantee transfer classes as outlined by Colorado Commission of Higher Education (CCHE) and Aims Community College.
    • An academic program that exceeds District 6 instructional standards and meets high school graduation requirements.
    • A diverse student body economically, ethnically, and academically that mirrors the District 6 population.
    • An intentional school culture that provides all students with the opportunity to become future leaders.
    • A culture of individual and systemic support, including early student intervention programs, 21st Century teaching and learning through an extensive and personalized blended learning program.
    • All students earning an A.A. degree which will be accepted under the guarantee transfer guidelines for Colorado’s four- year colleges and universities.