third grade
    3rd Grade Instructors

    Students in third grade will rotate between all three third grade teachers for different content areas.  Lyndsey St. John will teach Core Literacy, Cheyenne Wilkes will teach Content Literacy which will focus on Social Studies and Science standards, Kate Novell will teach Math.  Below is our all of our contact information and rotation schedule. Rotating between classes and teachers requires organization and independence that students will learn throughout third grade.  Support of these skills at home is helpful to your child’s success at school!

    Behavior and Expectations

    In Third Grade, we will create a warm and supportive environment with clear expectations and procedures. We want to ensure that all students learn and grow in a safe place. Madison Elementary School has a school-wide behavior program where staff and students are expected to demonstrate PRIDE behaviors throughout the school- the classroom, lunchroom, playground, hallways, etc.. We begin the year by teaching students the expectations within each piece of PRIDE and continue to reinforce excellence in PRIDE, throughout the year, for ALL Madison Eagles!

    The pieces of PRIDE are:

    Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Empathy


    We are excited to celebrate birthdays at 3:00 in the afternoon of the birthday. Please limit treats to small snack items; preferably healthy.

    AVID and Homework

    AVID is a new program for third graders at Madison. AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. AVID has provided ALL students with a planner, binder, and folders to help with organization.  AVID planners will come home Monday’s along with homework items. Planners will need to be initialed Monday nights and returned to school Tuesday.

    Students will receive Math homework and reading reflection each week.  20 minutes of reading at home everyday is also an expectation. Homework will be assigned Monday and will be due Fridays.

    Afternoon Snacks and Water Bottles

    Healthy fruit and vegetable options will be provided by our school Nutrition Department everyday as an afternoon snack.  If you child would like to bring in a snack from home please be sure it is a healthy option. Chips, candy, chocolates, Takis are not a snack option for the classroom.  If students would like to bring in a drink you may send in a water bottle. Gatorade or juices are an option for the cafeteria but not allowed in classrooms. Thank you for understanding!


    Daily Schedule

    7:45 First Bell

    8:00 Morning Meeting

    8:15-8:50 Block #1 (Homeroom class)

    8:50-9:40 Specials

    9:40-10:30 Finish Block #1

    10:30-11:55 Block #2

    11:55-12:15 Lunch

    12:15-12:35 Recess

    12:35-1:55 Block #3

    1:55-2:15 AVID

    2:15-3:00 Target/ Genius Hour


    Homeroom Teacher

    Block #1

    8:15-8:50 9:40-10:30

    Block #2


    Block #3


    St. John

    St. John





    St. John





    St. John


    Contact Us:

    Lyndsey St.John (Core Literacy Teacher) 970-348-1743

    Cheyenne Wilkes (Content SS/Science Teacher)  970-348-1744

    Kate Novell (Math Teacher)  970-348-1745