• Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, the Nutrition Services Department no longer distributes/provides paper copies of the menu.  Our departmental theme for the coming year is to ‘embrace technology’!  Implementing paperless menus aligns with this focus.  We began notifying our customers (students, parents, guardians, etc.) when this decision was made in April.  
    Menus are available online.  On the District 6 homepage these is a quick link on the top, left for Menus.  Clicking on this link will take customers to Nutrislice (our online menu platform). Or you can click here.
    Menus can be printed very easily directly from the Nutrislice website.
    FREE menu app is available for smart phones.  Search for Nutrislice to download.
    This information will be shared via social media to our customers—D6 Nutrition Facebook, etc.)
    Every school will receive business size cards advertising our transition to paperless menus (plus instructions for accessing menus online or via the Nutrislice app).  These cards can be distributed to students, parents, guardians, etc. who have questions about the lack of paper menus.
    Please direct any additional questions, concerns or suggestions to Jeremy West or Kara Sample at ksample@greeleyschools.org – 970-348-6607. (Jeremy West)