Power Students of the Month




     Dylan R


    Dylan displays effort every day in the level of thought and focus he puts into his work. Whether during in person classes or online conferences, Dylan makes the point of asking great clarifying questions and keeping up with his work.
    He never misses a beat and that takes devotion, organization, and self-motivation. In addition, Dylan goes out of his way to help his peers trouble shoot issues and stay positive. (Karen Pullen, Science Instructor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:
    Key Club, Gaming Club, Dream Team
    Boy Scout
    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    "I am proud of being able to handle the workloads and help my friends to achieve what they need while getting a free AA degree and making fun moments in school."
    Future education / personal goals:
    "I want to go to UNC for a degree in nursing or maybe technology. My future career goals are in either technology or the healthcare industry."
     Kenya C


    “Kenya is very conscientious about her work that she turns in and always makes an effort to do her best. She demonstrates good critical thinking skills and never turns her work in late. She is a delight to have in class.
     “Kenya is quiet but diligent and will do well throughout her college career by working hard as she does today.” (Jami Ryba, Sociology Instructor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:
    Reading, movies, and spending time with friends
    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “I’ve been proud of persevering through the workload and college courses. I never thought I would be able to get through some of these tough classes and now I've got straight 'A's."
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I want to get a psychology degree and work in mental health."
    “Lindsey is one of those students I can always depend on to do her work. She shows that she really wants to learn the content by asking questions when she’s confused and engaging me in conversations outside of class. As the President of Incite, Lindsey worked with Video Club to create a series of videos for our club and works outside of club meetings to make sure we create an excellent magazine. She has also taken ownership of her future career goals by taking welding classes on the Aims campus this semester. No matter what situation Lindsey is put in, she works her hardest and tries her best. “Lindsey has continued to be successful in her classes while also working two jobs, working to hone her craft writing poetry and taking photos, and maintaining relationships that are important to her. She has learned to balance her life, school, and art.” (Karen McCurley-Hardesty, English Instructor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:
    Yearbook, Literary Magazine, Student Council, Art Club, NHS
    Photography, Art, Welding
    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “I’ve been proud of getting to the point where I can work full time while also completing my high school diploma and AA degree."
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I want to work in the oil field and arc welding / pipelines."

    “Diego takes great pride in all of his work for public speaking. He consistently completes every assignment thoroughly and with care. He earns top grades as a result of the pride he takes in his work. This pride translates into his speech performances where his classmates will agree, he rises to the top! Each performance is a blend of excellent preparation, originality, and creativity. Diego not only takes great pride in his work, but he makes me proud to be his teacher!
    Diego is an example to all of his classmates as he is consistently respectful, polite, on time to each class, diligent in his work, and considerate to others.” (Lori Adair, COM Professor)

    Activities / hobbies / interests:
    What achievements or moments have you been proud of yourself for since coming to ECA?
    “I’ve been proud of passing my classes and getting to know my teachers and making good friends. ECA feels like a family to me now.”
    Future education / personal goals:
    “I would like to go to UNC and become an architect.”