Graduation Requirements

  • To earn a diploma from District 6, high school students must earn a total of 22.0 credits with specific requirements in certain areas. 


    One year's worth of successful study and achievement in a class will result in 1.0 credit being awarded to the student; a semester-long class will result in 0.5 credits earned. Students are designated as Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors based on the number of credits they have acquired rather than the number of years they have been in school. 


    Specific Area Requirements

    Within the overall total of 22.0 credits, students must accumulate a minimum number of credits in the following academic areas:

    • Language Arts: 4.0 annual credits required
    • Math: 3.0 annual credits required
    • Science: 3.0 annual credits required
    • Social Studies: 3.0 annual credits of Social Studies required
    • PE/Health: 1.5 annual credits (note: in addition to regular PE/Health classes, PE credit may be acquired through participation in CHSAA-approved sports or marching band)
    • Electives: 7.5 annual credits required (in addition to regular elective classes, students may earn elective credit for community service experiences)