Gifted and Talented

  • The purpose of Gifted and Talented Programming at Franklin is to provide identified and advanced students with rigorous, challenging educational opportunities which are responsive to their individual strengths and needs. This is done through various programs: accelerated math (Algebra and beyond) contests and competitions, Young Chautauqua, as well as our numerous elective classes: Venom Choir, Theater, Speech/Drama, Art, Orchestra, Band, AVID and Student Council. In addition, a number of enrichment activities are being offered after school. In addition, GT students have access to Renzulli Learning which is an online, interactive enrichment program that includes virtual field trips, online books, contests, puzzles and more based on individual student interest areas. Gifted students write both academic and affective goals each year in their Advanced Learning Plans or ALPs, which are then monitored by the GT Specialist. Teachers, parents and students can nominate a child for gifted identification by contacting the Franklin GT Specialist Linda Johnson at who will then start the identification process.

Gifted and Talented Teacher Linda Johnson

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