WCSD6 Farm to School

Farm to School Program

  • Farm to School is a national movement that connects schools and local farms in order to serve healthy meals in school cafeterias; provide agricultural, health and nutrition education opportunities, and support local and regional farmers.

    Farm to School began in Weld County School District 6 (WCSD6) in 2008, when the District purchased one crop of cherry tomatoes for $239. Since then, with the assistance of numerous grants, including the USDA's Farm to School Grant, the program has expanded to other fruits, vegetables, dairy, and even meat and poultry items.

    Today, almost 100% of our meals are prepared from scratch in our Central Production Kitchen (CPK), and about 25% of our food purchases are local, with the rate of local food purchases increasing each year.

By the Numbers
  • In 2012, WCSD6 Nutrition Services was awarded its first grant from the USDA to develop and implement a Food Hub. The Food Hub, based out of our Central Production Kitchen, focuses on aggregating as much local produce as possible during the Colorado harvest months and minimally processing and redistributing the produce to other school districts in Weld County. The produce is then utilized immediately or washed, chopped, blanched, and frozen for later use throughtout the year. 

WCSD6 Goals