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IB Testing Fees

  •  IB Testing Fees are Due in Full by October 27th, 2019
    An exam deposit (can be paid at registration) must be made by September 15, 2019 for all 11th and 12th grade Students testing an IB Exam, and full payment must be received by October 27, 2019.  Please bring your checks to the Finance Office with the student's name and "IB Exams" written in the memo section. Please see Teresa Cox in the Greeley West Finance Office for all payments.  
    If the student qualifies for Free/Reduced Lunch, please bring a copy of the letter from food services to the IB Office by October 27, 2019 and we will apply to cover partial costs within the grants available. 
     **Please see the exam calendar for the times and locations of your IB and AP exams.  If you are a spring sport athlete, also check for any regional or state CHSAA dates that may conflict with your testing.  (IB does not have late exams, but AP does, so if you have a conflict, take the LATE AP exam instead.)  NOTE:  If you are testing AP,  in the main office will get you registration information in February.
  • IB Hexagon

    There are no makeup days for IB Exams due to IB regulations

    The May 2020 Sit Down Exams have been CANCELLED!

    From IB: The student will be awarded either a diploma or a course certificate which reflects their standard of work. The achievement will be based around the students’ coursework and the established assessment expertise, rigor and quality control already built into the programmes.


    How will a student be awarded an IB Diploma or Certificate?

    We will award each student a grade for each of their registered subjects using a calculation that takes into account their coursework marks and their predicted grade, as submitted to the IB by their school. For most components we will externally mark work that is usually marked by teachers, instead of taking samples and applying moderation.

    Will students be awarded a Diploma, numerical grade for each subject, the core and overall?
    We will be awarding Diplomas and Certificates for the May 2020 session. At a subject level, students will be awarded a grade on the normal IB 1-7 scale. Theory of Knowledge (TOK), the Extended Essay and the Career-Related Programme Reflective Project will be awarded a grade on the normal IB A-E scale. The DP core will be awarded on the normal IB 0-3 scale. A total points score will be awarded for the Diploma, out of 45 as normal.

    Conduct of Examinations  **All testing students are responsible for reading the information regarding the rules of conduct during the IB examinations.  Although we will post these rules and review them at the exam site, please read them prior to your first exam. 
    Please contact Marie Beach, IB Coordinator, at 970-348-5489 if you have any questions or concerns about the IB examinations.

How to Earn College Credit and Get the IB Diploma

  • worth 24 college credits in Colorado!
    Each course has a variety of "Internal Assessments" or IA's and are completed in the course.  Teachers determine the deadlines for their particular IAs, and the work and scores are sent to IB.  IAs may be portfolios, oral examines, presentations, labs, or papers. 
    At the end of the year, students take their External Exams in late April throughout May.  These exams take place off campus is a controlled, safe environment with appropriate testing conditions for student success.  These tests are assessed not by the students' teachers, but by IB Examiners from around the world!
    After all IAs and External Exams have been submitted to IB, all of the student's work is assessed to determine their overall score for each IB course.
    1. Holistically, each course designates a score of 1-7.
    2. In order to receive college credit, you must score at least a 4 out of 7 points in the course.
    3. In order to receive the IB Diploma, you must score 24 out of 45 points in total, generally: 4 points in each subject times 6 subjects.  
    4. But,  there is a little bit of wiggle room to earn the Diploma--you can earn a 3 in one subject as long as you earn a 5 or higher in another subject.
    5. Each class students can receive up to 7 points. 7 x 6 classes = 42 + up to 3 points for TOK and EE

    In the State of Colorado, https://www.ibarms.org/_assets/_pdf/HB1108_final.pdf ,

    students receive 24 college credits at a state univeristy with the IB Diploma!!!!!