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    • We are now in February! This month, we are selling flower-pencils during lunches so that we can fund-raise for our end of the year field trip to Six-Flags. We made these nice flower-pencils during the month of January, and they came out great! Please support our LULAC group by helping to buy some of these flowers. :) They can be given to that special friend, parent, or teacher. Happy Valentin's Day!
    • On Tuesdays after school, we continue to stay so that we practice our modern dance moves to songs that our LULAC students have chosen to perform for May 3rd here at our school. Our students are working hard in getting their dance steps just right! :) We practice in the cafeteria where we have more room. Students are welcome to join in and dance to any song they like. I know some students don't particulary like some of the songs, so it is not required to dance them all. Students choose what they are comfortable with.
    • On Thursdays, we have Mexican Folklor dance practice. This type of dance is the one you have probably seen with the nice, colorful dance skirts (for girls) and elegant Mexican sobreros (for boys). We hope your student is interested in this type of dance because it makes our assembly look so festive for our Cinco de Mayo celebration. Again, it is not required to dance this type of music, but we hope you consider joining us. Ms. Bustillos has the skirts and hats, so you do not have to worry about purchasing them. All your child will need for folklore performances are nice shoes and a white blouse (girls) or white long-sleeve shirt (boys). Our girls will look so beautiful and our boys will look so handsome!
    • On Wednesdays, some students have chosen to stay this extra day to get some extra practice. Students thought this would be a great idea since we have been asked to perform for a school-wide assembly in March; so we want to be ready.
    • If your student doesn't really enjoy dancing, that's okay! We still want your student in LULAC. We definately need help with taking attendance, guiding students where they need to be or what to do, and creating meeting-agendas. On May 3rd, the day of the assembly, these students who do not perform will be able to help with props, music, and helping students get ready. We really do need as much assistance as possible! :) We will also ask students to speak at our assembly about the significance of this holiday. This might be something your child is interested in. That would be awesome! We will be having meetings again soon! We have invited UNC LULAC students to come and speak to us about the importance of an education and staying in school. These students will also talk about the struggles they've encountered just to get to college. We hope your son/daughter joins us to hear these important messages. As soon as the UNC students let me know when they will come and speak, I will post it on our web-site.
    • We have been asked to perform for Dos Rios Elementary School in April. We will invite only those students who are really ready to perform. This is why attendance is so important. We hope all members come as often as they can to our practices.
    • We will probably be invited by other elementary schools as May approaches. We hope your son/daughter is committed in staying with us. All students look great practicing...and you are always welcome to come see their progress. And of course, you will be invited to our big assembly on May 3rd to watch our students perform.
    • I would like to thank all my student leaders who have stepped forward to teach dance steps and help out with getting students where they need to be. Without them, LULAC would not be what it is. We have terrific LULAC leaders!!!! :)