Middle School Athletic Fee Program

  • An athletic fee is charged for students participating in middle school athletics. The following guidelines will be enforced:

    ·         A fee will be charged for each sport at the middle school level,

    ·         Fees are $35 per sport, with an individual maximum of $70.00 and $105.00 per family. 

    ·         The maximum fee does not apply to 6th grade collaborative sports. The fee will be $35 per student per sport.

    ·         The athletic fee is due prior to the first contest of each season. Exclusion from participating in any event results upon failure to pay. 

    ·         Fees may be waived in full for all students who show evidence of qualifying for free and reduced meals.

    ·         Athletic Fees may be paid to the appropriate secretary in the main office. Checks should be made payable to:   District 6.

    ·         Refunds will not be issued for:

              o   Students who become academically ineligible,

              o   Students removed for disciplinary reasons,

              o   Students quitting after the first official practice.

    ·         Refunds will be issued, on a pro-rated basis, for a student who sustains a season-ending injury, verified with medical documentation (doctor’s note).

    ·         The collection of this fee does not guarantee participation/playing time.

    ·         Questions should be directed to the Middle School Athletic Director at each school.