Healthy Classroom Party
  • School parties are fun! Students and teachers look forward to the activities, social interactions, decorations, and much more.

    This year, challenge your students to create ideas for healthy and active classroom celebrations! Do this by taking the focus away from the food and providing games and activities instead! When food is offered at a party, please make sure that it meets the Wellness Policy's specific nutrition standards:


    - Not more than 30% of the total calories of the food item, excluding nuts or seeds, are from fat. 

    - Not more than 10% of the total calories of the food item, excluding reduced-fat cheeses, eggs, and nut butters, are from saturated fat. 

    - Not more than 35% of the total weight of the food item, excluding fruits or vegetables, is composed of sugar. 


    Check out this video for a narrated presentation and more information about Healthy Celebrations. 


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