healthy and active fundraisers
    United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Smart Snacks Fundraising REQUIREMENTS:
    • District 6 wants to create a culture of wellness, where the healthy choice is the easy choice for students, employees, and visitors.  In October of 2011, District 6 updated the Wellness Policy to include the following regarding fundraising:
    • Only nonfood fundraisers such as flowers, gift-wrap, sporting events, and family fun runs for all fundraisers that occur during the school day.
    • While food fundraisers are discouraged outside of the school day, they are permitted; however, foods sold need to meet the following nutritional guidelines:
    • Not more than 30% of the total calories of the food item, excluding nuts or seeds, is from fat
    • Not more than 10% of the total calories of the food item, excluding reduced-fat cheeses, eggs, and nut butters, is from saturated fat
    • Not more than 35% of the total weight of the food item, excluding fruits or vegetables, is composed of sugar
    • Further more, the Student Wellness Program wants to encourage schools to pursue fundraising opportunities that involve physical activity, such as walkathons.
    For more information about the USDA regulations related to fundraisers in schools, click HERE
  • Celebrating Success

    Several District 6 schools have demonstrated that healthy fundraisers can be profitable. Check out these healthy fundraiser success stories below for inspiration!

    Monfort Jogathon  Monfort Elementary's Jog-a-thon
    Monfort Elementary hosted a jog-a-thon in September 2017. They gathered community and parent involvement to host the event. Goodie bags and materials were donated to give to participants who ran laps. Each grade level came out during Specials and ran laps for 20 minutes. At each corner of the lap, there were different colors of balloons (each class was assigned a color). This was the stopping station for students to get their t-shirt marked when they completed a lap and minimized any backlog.
    Volunteers helped with marking t-shirts, handing out bags, and even had volunteers help warm-up students before they began laps. They raised $12,742.96 for their school and their goal was to raise $10,000! Monfort plans to have a movie night for the students to celebrate hitting out goal.
    Centennial Elementary's Read-a-Thon 
    Centennial Elementary has worked toward having healthier (and more profitable) fundraisers. During the 2011-12 school year, a cookie dough fundraiser earned the school about $3500. In an effort to make wellness a priority and support healthy fundraising initiatives, Centennial switched things up by doing a read-a-thon during the 2012-13 school year. Students and staff both loved the event. Students were able to wear pajamas to school and hear books read by local heroes in the Greeley community. This FUNdraiser earned the school over $8500 and was simple to plan, showing that healthy fundraisers do make Money.
    UPDATE: Centennial completed another Read-a-Thon during the 2013-14 school year and raised an astonishing $18,000!

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