Brain Energizers
    Did you know... research shows that students who are physically active perform better in school? Because physical activity wakes up the brain and gets it ready for learning, it's important that our students get opportunities throughout the day for movement. The district's Wellness Policy as well as the District Administration support the goal of increasing physical activity for our students to support academic success. Teachers in District 6 are encouraged to get students out of their chairs and moving for 1-2 minutes every 15-30 minutes throughout the day. To learn more about integrating physical activity throughout the day and how this benefits students, check out the resources below.
  • Request FREE Minds in Motion Fit Sticks

    "Minds in Motion Fit Sticks" are tongue depressors with ideas for movements that can easily be integrated into lessons. Examples of movements include: elephant stomps, side bends, and cat stretches. The sticks come packaged in a fun and convenient cup.
    District 6 educators can request "Minds in Motion Fit Sticks" by completing the form below.
    Fit Sticks

Brain Energizer Resources

  • What's Your Name?

  • Energizers

  • Brain Energizer Ideas

  • Take a Break!

  • Take a Break Teacher Toolbox

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