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    The 21st Century Extended Day Learning Program is funded through the 21st Century Community Learning Grant, which gives students the chance to participate in programs before and after normal school hours.

    21st Century is a FREE program that allows students to have extra educational time with a certified teacher. These classes are small in size to allow for more individual student learning time. The classes have a strong focus on literacy, math, and science. The classes are designed to help students grow academically.

    The 21st Century is not just about academics, there are also great opportunities for students to engage in extra enrichment activities. These activities are geared to providing students with interactive programs that are housed in a safe environment. Students will have opportunities to get physically active in different clubs, and enjoy various hobbies. Students also have the chance to work within the community and provide service to the people in the Greeley-Evans area.

    The grant also provides parents opportunities to enrich their lives as well. 21st Century sites offer parent classes that are designed to give helpful ways to benefit their children. Classes range from English as a Second Language (ESL),and Nutrition Education. For more information click HERE.

    The 21st Century Extended Day Learning Program is FREE, that’s right, absolutely FREE. Most programs run from the time school lets out till 5:45pm. Students are also provided a free snack after school to help keep up their “brain power.” 21st Century programs will also provide transportation, from school to home, for students that are within school boundaries. There are some school specific qualifying guidelines, and every child may not qualify.

    Bella Romero Academy


    Contact: Rachel Stevens




    Bella Romero Academy


    Contact: Kelly Brandly




    Martinez Elementary 

    Contact: Danielle Switzer 


    Contact: Tacie Rodriguez 


    Jefferson Jr and Senior High School

    Jefferson Senior High School

    Contact: Brian Deveraux 



    Jefferson Junior High School

    Contact: Jose Ortiz



    Heath Middle School

    Contact: Theresa Terrazas


    Contact: Shelly Hines


    (970) 348-3473

    Dos Rios Elementary

    Contact: Christine Carreon




    Heiman Elementary

     Contact: Gerrek Zwickle



    Contact: Kayla Schlitz



    Scott Elementary

    Contact: Taite Henderson



    Contact: Jessica Bage



    Contact: Alice Pendlebury



    Salida Del Sol Academy

    Contact: Molly Carlisle


    (970)347-8223 x488


    Greeley West High School

    Contact: Marlene Rich



    Contact: Samantha Pierce